How to Strip Electrical Wire like a Pro 6 Ways

knowing how to strip wire is a skillthat really matters everything from ourtrailers to computers to appliances haveelectrical wire and you need to know howto handle it properly so in today’svideo I’m gonna show you six differentways to get the job done right now afirst method is going to be …

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hey everyone so i’m getting ready to goout to the barnand i thought that today what i wouldcover is how to ride a horseso let’s get ready to go bye traco byetracoso i haven’t seen tucker in two weeksbecause i’ve been on vacationso i’m excited to see him today oh …

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Learn How to Ride a Bicycle in 5 Minutes

Court: Hey guys, I had my friend Brian over and wewere talking about going on a bike ride and he said “I’ve never actually ridden a bike”and you know, I was like “wow” okay.This is kind of cool, we’ll teach you how and, you know it’s actually something we juststarted …

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