Mena Massoud Long Undercut – Aladdin’s Hairstyle Inspiration

hey guys i’m luisa and you’re watching
sleeker tv
i’m the student hairdresser here in the
salon and today we’re going to do
an aladdin inspired haircut on sam
so sam are you up for it i’m all for it
great totally
let’s do it hi i’m sam
i’m 18 years old and i always like to
stay on top and stay fresh and that’s
why i’m here today in the slick hair
now i’m going to use the rush shampoo
for better stimulation for the scalp
and to get a nice clean hair i’m playing
with the monsters
everything that brought me alive
now i’m gonna use the rust conditioner
and it’s to give some great moisture to
the hair
and to seal it so you have to try this
rush experience
it’s just a great feeling for the scalp
and the clients they love it
okay so now i’ve potted the hair and i
blow dry the sides
and now i’m just gonna cut it raw cut
with my scissors so i don’t kill the
so now that i’ve cut it raw very raw
we’re gonna go in with the machine and
it’s gonna look nice and smooth
everything that brought me alive guys
remember to clean your edges it makes
the big difference and makes your
sharp and fresh
so now we’re gonna cut it together in
the back we’re gonna leave the length
here in front we’re gonna
make this long undercut so he’s gonna be
able to pull it back
okay so now i’ve cut the top and we’ve
kept a
long length on top about 15 centimeters
and we made this undercut but we cut it
in the neck
okay so now i’ve used the pre-styler
side kick to
blow-dry his hair and it’s important
that you get like a lot of volume
because you can always push it down you
can’t force it
okay so now we’re gonna style the hair
we’re gonna use silverfox and the
we’re gonna mix them together to get
like a lot of shine and
also a great hold
everything that brought me alive
they brought me
okay so now the hairstyle is done same
how do you like it
it’s perfect so now you’re ready to fly
off on your magic carpet
it’s born really great guys remember to
comment down below
give this video a big thumbs up and you
will have the chance to win free
nice bible lane hair products see you
guys next time

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