How to use and cut templates, Negative papercuts

making a simple or an intricate paper
cut the cutting process can take from
couple of hours to several days or even
weeks for beginners that have no idea
where to start it’s best to use
templates the first example are these
four easy to collect negative paper cuts
we have seen many other examples of
positive paper cuts in the previous two
videos so hopefully you can tell the
difference what you need to remove here
are closed areas not connected to each
other you’re making small cuts straight
or curved which will turn into shape at
the end the only difference between
these two types are the lines that are
not connected in order to make a shape
in a negative paper cut well all the
lines must be connected to create a
positive one therefore some prefer to
make negative cuts as they look like
you’ve carved into the material while
positive cuts are more like drawings or
paintings no matter which step you want
to try the rules are always the same
always start cutting from the middle of
the template and work your way around to
the outer edges cutting a few bits on
one side and then jumping to the
opposite side is not recommended because
you increase the chance of tearing your
paper and that means you’ll have to
start over if you have a bit more
complicated shape separated into
segments for example the butterflies
abdomen and the head make one shape you
need to cut out but you can first cut a
circle which is the head discard the
paper cut out and go back to make a
curved cut on the left and on the right
breaking areas into segments is useful
when cutting more complicated shapes
when cutting circles all your plates
steady and turn the paper around if the
circle is very small you can use a
needle instead when you finish cutting
the slender move to the wings again it’s
best to start close to the middle of the
template and cuts to the edge you can
take the other way around but it will be
harder because the paper will be very
flimsy especially if you’re working on a
positive cut negative ones are a bit
more forgiving so you can see that I
could cut from the end of the wing to
the middle with
any problems practice cutting on 80 GSM
paper first which is normal printer
paper once you learn from experience you
can take more intricate templates and a
thicker paper remember to switch to new
bite when you feel it starting to drag
the paper also remove the corrals
immediately because if they stay under
the paper cut you can accidentally break
your blade when going over them and also
bring your paper cut this is a magical
forest fairy template you can see I
started in the middle and now I need to
cut around the tree branches and leaves
this is when breaking into segments is a
very useful I’m also using the number 11
blade if you have the 50 in a plate it’s
even better for small birds the template
is just a guide and you don’t need to
follow it blindly feel free to get more
or less than it shows skip all the parts
you think you can’t cut without tearing
it the moon on this template had many
small details on it but I only cut some
and also added a few curves that weren’t
it’s perfectly right because when you
flip the paper over to reveal the
finished paper cut no one will ever see
that’s why it’s important to flip the
template before printing and that way
you will also flip the paper once you
finish and no one will see the printing
or what parts you may still pass you
added it will all be on the back of the
paper cut I finished cutting another
copy of this vampire before making the
video so that I could show you how it
looks like finished this is an ACA print
of the paper cut and I added a backing
paper to make the paper cuts than that
if you want to learn how to make a print
or an AC of your paper cut I will post
the video about it soon and put the link
in the description finally something
incredible stressful is finishing the
paper cut the paper cut is very flimsy
right now and when you hold it it feels
like lace when cutting the border that
will separate your paper cut from the
scrap excess paper rest your hand on the
paper cut and slow
move the plate turning the paper gently
lift up the paper and if it stuck
somewhere make sure it pass with the
blade over it a couple of times until we
can lift the paper without any problems
if you try to rip it it will rip the
paper cut sooo all that loves to do is
to flip the paper cut and mode of frame
it I hope you found this video helpful
and I will leave all the links to the
paper cutting time-lapse in the
description those videos are also full
of cutting tips if this video series
helped you so I forget to like and
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