How to Strip Electrical Wire like a Pro 6 Ways

knowing how to strip wire is a skill
that really matters everything from our
trailers to computers to appliances have
electrical wire and you need to know how
to handle it properly so in today’s
video I’m gonna show you six different
ways to get the job done right now a
first method is going to be the good old
tried-and-true electrician scissors the
only difference between these scissors
and household scissors is they are
designed for wiring but they’re a little
bit thicker and heavy-duty or than
normal household pair as you can see
here the way these work you spin the
scissors around you bite into the
insulation and once you’ve scored it
enough you can usually break the
insulation off without too much effort
the big trick with this is though you
have to be very careful with those
scissor blades that you don’t Nick the
wire when you first bite into it because
that can cause problems later but the
end result is decent now this next tool
is a little bit more advanced in the
scissors but not by too much and you
might already own this tool the way this
one works is you’re gonna match up the
size of your wire with the upper part of
this tool in the right hole and what
happens is this tool will squeeze onto
the wire it’ll cut into the insulation
but it won’t Nick the wire so that’s one
big advantage over the scissors and once
you squeeze it it’s a pretty easy job to
strip the wire and you end up with a
decent result now we’re starting to get
a lot more advanced this is a
semi-automatic wire stripper and what’s
nice about this tool is if you’re doing
a lot of wire stripping this tool will
really get the job done cleanly and
efficiently but like the last one you do
have to match up with these holes the
right gauge wire but once you’ve done
that you can put your wire in and this
tools mechanical action is going to not
only strip the insulation it’s even
gonna separate it for you from the wire
so let’s take a look at how that works
you just line it up load it up and it’s
gonna hold the wire and give you a nice
clean cut at the end and it works really
well if you’re doing a lot of wiring
here’s another angle just showing you
how easily this job can be done so now
unlike the last tool that you had to
match up the gauge of wire to the
correct hole this tool is pretty cool
it’s a semi-automatic wire stripper and
it does not
are you to know what gage of why you
have so all you do is put the wire in it
centers it lines it up and the tool will
strip the insulation off it’s pretty
cool because you can do a lot of wiring
quickly and you don’t mess up by
guessing the wrong gauge of wire this
other angle just shows you how easy it
is now our next tool really combines all
the best features of the past tools in
one convenient package this one’s made
by vice grips and it has a semi
automatic action that’ll hold the wire
strip it and you don’t have to know what
gauge it is which really makes this
convenient and it’s a great tool to have
this is a little wire guide here the
yellow piece allows you to pre select
the length of the wire you want stripped
so if you’re doing multiple jobs you can
easily get the same result every time
and you can see how simple this is I
just insert the wire to the guide
squeeze and it’s going to immediately
strip the insulation from the wire and
give me a really clean result another
benefit of this tool is it can strip a
tiny amount of insulation off now this
is a pretty extreme example but a lot of
the tools cannot strip this little of
insulation so this can be a real
advantage in a lot of situations now
this is what you do when you don’t have
one of those tools everybody who’s done
repair work or electrical work knows
somebody that uses these to strip wire
it’s a huge mistake but they do work so
I thought I’d share with you this mold
of human teeth of how well it can
actually strip wire if you’re in a real
bind we’re gonna line it up we’ll bite
into the insulation and we’ll give it a
now these are a model but surprisingly
it actually delivers fairly good results
the electrician sisters have been around
a long time a lot of pro still use these
for all the wiring needs the problem is
unless you do this all the time you’re
almost always going to Knick your wire
when you’re doing wiring jobs and that’s
really bad news those Knicks can cause
short circuits or even a fire so I
really don’t like to use these unless I
it’s the only tool that I have on hand
these traditional wire strippers they do
the job but I really have never liked
them people say that they’re great
because they cut wire and crimp as well
but the reality is they don’t crypt very
well they usually made a super thin
metal and if you’ve only used these in
your life once you get one of the other
tools you’ll never go back to these so I
only use these if I’m desperate but I
really try to avoid them
this semi-automatic wire stripper I had
for a long time and I like it and it’s
still sold to this day unto several
brands it works pretty well it’s not a
lot of money if you only do an
occasional wiring this can get the job
done but I do think some of the other
choices may be better but if you come
across one of these for a real bargain
price it still works great this is ideal
semi automatic wire stripper but this
sold under a lot of brands and this was
one of my favorites for a really long
time it works very well it’s all metal
and I think it’ll really last most
people just about forever so this is
also a very good choice the one downfall
though is sometimes it slips on the wire
and you end up messing up the job so
it’s not perfect but the price is very
the most advanced tool in the bunch was
the vise grip one and it worked very
well throughout all my tests and I got a
clean cut on every wire I did it never
slipped and it seemed to perform very
very well for me the only thing I didn’t
like about the tool is there is some
plastic in the construction that wiring
guide that the yellow piece there is in
fact plastic and there’s some plastic on
the back cover now that doesn’t mean
it’s bad I just get concerned that over
time will this tool last so I can’t
answer that yet but so far it seems
pretty promising so I didn’t just
include those teeth for a joke I know
for a fact that lots of people have
strip wire with their teeth as you get
older hopefully you get smarter and you
realize that if you break one of your
teeth you look at a 500 bucks and up and
it’s just not worth the risk and it
really doesn’t work well for the job
anyway so I hope this video was helpful
to you it really is a skill you want to
master and you want to have a good tool

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