How to park a boat: Shaft Drive

hi I’m Nick from Essex Pocoyo and I just
wanted to go through a few basic boat
maneuvering techniques with you this
morning we’re currently on a 2009 fair
lime Targa 47 which is fitted with twin
Volvo d9 575 engines this particular
boat has got benefit of bow and stern
thruster but during during the
manoeuvring I will just use the bow
thrusters just so just so it keeps it it
keeps it reasonable now what I want you
to do first of all was explain the
controls and and how this directly
affects the maneuvering of the boat now
with these particular vulgrim controls
you can see that they’re quite nicely
shaped now if the engines were running
we’re actually alongside of a finger at
the moment if I was to put this into
gear like that the boat would want to
behave like this so the back will come
away from the pontoon the front will
actually go towards it so to counteract
that what I would do to come off this
particular pontoon we’re actually the
wind is actually taking us onto the
finger it’s put it into gear and
simultaneously use the thruster here to
take us away from the pontoon the
steering is is currently in the dead
ahead position okay so that will take
the boat effectively crab the boat away
from the pontoon similarly if we were if
we were alongside a finger with this
side and we would do the same with this
particular shift now this shift will
create a crabbing motion in that
direction so the boat will twist – to
starboard and again we can use the
thruster to make the boat travel
sideways this is also true in Reverse so
if I was to be alongside the port side
as we are now if I was to put this
particular drive into reverse the boat
will pull away the stern will pull away
from the finger we can use the thruster
to take the boat out sideways the other
thing that’s going to effect
particularly parking of the boat on a
day like today is the wind and here in
Essex we have tied so the tide currently
is is coming in so the water is
traveling in that direction and the wind
if I just look at
what behind me the wind is completely
absolutely on my beam so currently the
wind is stronger than the tide so the
boat is physically stuck to the finger
on the port side of this boat so what
I’ll do now is I will start the engines
and prepare to take the boat out
okay so now on time we still stuck to
the finger what I’m going to do is I’m
going to push the bow out
what that does is that gains momentum
bow is now swinging and the longer the
thrust away in the focal length rather
sideways away
then we can clear the finger easy enough
now purists will say don’t use the bow
thruster trying to everything without it
but that’s fine in certain circumstances
I said
what I say the people is you know if you
don’t wash you machine and they say yeah
that’s a would you wash your clothes in
the sink they say no this is exactly the
same thing the bow thrusters I’ll but
what if it goes wrong okay well I’ve
driven a lot and awful lot of boats and
I haven’t actually had one failure I’ve
had people turn off the red button but
I’ve not actually had one fail on me now
what I’m going to do now is demonstrate
and the helm does work against popular
belief it does work in low speed so the
rudders are actually effective for this
thing we’re going to do now is the boat
is now going to just wobble around and
in the wind at the time so as you can
see we’re in relatively close waters
here now the boughs gain momentum and
it’s heading towards this particular
boat now if I if I put this this control
so the starboard control in astern then
it will pour the boat backwards and at
the same time it will continue to allow
the boat to turn so the boats actually
wanting to turn into the tide of the
load so if I if I encourage that turn
and I just simply pull back that bastet
backwards now if I want to continue the
turn around I can continue to do this
and then the force of the propeller on
this side pushing the boat
I commend for this one in a stone the
bow can pretty much turn on its own axis
if I want to control the way the boat
sits on its axis I can increase the RPM
or decrease depending on what’s actually
happening now the boat will continue to
turn because of the momentum it carries
this boat is particularly heavy it’s
about 15 tons so I can again just bring
the boat around and we can pretty much
do whatever we want to do just using the
controls so if I wanted to come
alongside this particular boat here I
hadn’t got fenders but I will move the
boat into a position where we can come
inside I won’t
so what I’m doing now the boat now we
need to be going forwards or backwards
to take the most effect of these
controls so the boat now is traveling
backwards so if I was to push this gear
in to forwards the boat and twist to
now when maneuvering in close quarters
was never any need to use more than gear
engaged generally speaking unless
there’s there’s a visit there’s a good
reason to do so so now I’m using the
momentum of the boat wrapping forwards
if I put this one Astor and I’m going to
bring the bow away from this particular
boat the wind wants to wants to throw me
okay so then other boat is pretty much
going to park themselves it’s traveling
at a comfortable speed sideways the
barrel slightly out of kilter I’m going
to push the battle way this particular
boat that in turn pushes the stern
towards it because it’s an equal and
opposite reaction
so we’re now within a reasonably close
distance to do it take us away using the
forward and reverse motion
they’re traveling sideways again the
both traveling forwards
then I can use this forward momentum to
actually pull the stern around at the
same time now cool
proven ubers the users
okay so we travel here
don’t do it I’ll turn the boat now now
the winds this is this is a really
dangerous move because the wind is
coming from this direction the pass the
wind finds more of the moment as I
become more being on the boat will
travel in that direction
so you can see a sharp drive boat with
high pitch propellers as these do have
20 boat into n5p propellers will enable
you to maneuver the boat side port
without any real need for concern even
on a day like today we’d wind with time
and all the rest of it
so again because of this this nice shape
of controls you can always see what’s
going to happen okay so
that brings the boat that brings our
Stern to start with shape stop it’s
putting the boats they’re both being
pulled in this direction by the
propeller so the three things that can
affect the parking with your boat
he’s new the driver
winds and the side
it’s quite important especially in close
quarters that you don’t give the boat an
incorrect input now I know at times you
know you’ve been coming alongside and
the blood pressure starts to raise and
everything else but you need to think
about what your input is going to do
before you get to that

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