How to Cut Wire – 4/0 to 22 AWG

everybody it’s Nate from exploring sad
life I teach people how to build DIY
campers in this video is the first video
of a new playlist covering the very
basics how to wire your camper I’m
talking 101 level skills that you’ll
need to tackle DIY electrical projects
in your camper in this video I’m going
to teach you how to cut wire now cutting
wires a pretty simple task as long as
you have the right tools for the job and
since there’s a really good chance that
in your electrical project you’ll have
to cut wires from as small as 22 gauge
wire all the way up to huge Faurot wire
I’m going to talk you through my choices
for tools that will allow for maximum
wire cutting effectiveness and minimum
cussing now before we get started I put
together a list of tools that we’ll be
talking about today in the description
below so if you need more info and these
that’s where to look let’s get started
they’re cut small wire my tool of choice
is a pair of dikes now when I was
writing the script for this video I
wanted to make sure that wasn’t being
unnecessarily offensive by using a word
that could be considered derogatory so I
looked into why these are called dikes
the official name for this type of tool
is actually diagonal cutters diagonal
cutters is like five syllables long so
it got shortened down to dikes dikes
still didn’t roll off the tongue quite
like it should and if you say it fast
enough DAGs just sounds like dykes so
here we are but I digress I have two
sets of dikes a 4-inch set and an 8-inch
set the four inch set spring-loaded
making for nice handling it cost about
13 bucks and is fantastic for wires in
the 14 to 22 gauge realm but can cut to
engage without too much issue any bigger
than that and I’m reaching for my 8-inch
dikes 8 inch dikes run about $13 to $22
depending on which brand you like and
they have more leverage to cut bigger
wire which is great for cutting wire up
to 6 gauge wire or 10 gauge multi
conductor wire but on this I do usually
need to make two snips to make it all
the way through I consider my 8-inch
dikes an absolute staple in my toolbox
as it does seem to cut the largest range
of wire sizes the best
now if the wire gets much bigger than a
six cage dikes just don’t have enough
leverage so for bigger wire I’m usually
reaching for these nine inch cable
cutters these make really easy work of
cutting wire as small as 10 gauge and
are capable of cutting 2 OTT strain and
copper wire these also do a good job of
making it through the 6 gauge 3
conductor wire that I like to install
between the victor on multi plus
inverter charger and the camper breaker
box the last tool on my list is this big
monstrosity these are 16 inch
cable cutters these are key for cutting
the Faurot wire required for camper
electrical systems including 3000 watt
inverter ‘z now that’ll cut through four
OTT like butter and I’ll generally also
use these for two odd because just how
much leverage I can get on them now
these are pretty pricey at nearly $60
but when building a 600 amp our system
with a 3000 watt inverter it takes about
30 cuts to complete the project
so it is what it is now which one’s
these are absolutely necessary of the
tools shown today if I could only pick
two wire cutting tools for my next
project it would largely depend on what
size of wire I was going to be cutting
if I needed to cut four watt wire I
would be choosing these 16 inch cable
cutters and the 8 inch dikes and if the
biggest wire I needed to cut was too hot
I would be choosing the 9 inch cable
cutters and the 8 inch dikes but getting
all 4 would allow you the most
flexibility for all wire sizes that
you’re gonna possibly encounter it in
your DIY camper electrical project and
give you the right tool for the job now
there are tons of other tools out there
that can cut wire needlenose pliers and
cutters wire strippers tin snips band
saws angle grinders are all capable of
cutting wires and if I skipped over your
favorite method of cutting wires sorry
no offense just my preferences here now
that pretty much sums up this video but
be sure to check out the next video in
the playlist because that video is going
to cover how to strip wires from 22
gauge all the way up to 4 OTT now if
this video helped you out it’d be
awesome if you give it a thumbs up and
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