How to Cut Metal Without Traditional Metal Cutting Tools

hey Kevin what he hey I got an email
from a guy the other day and Kuwait
really he said hey I love what you’re
doing and and I’ve been playing in my
basement a little bit and I’ve been
learning the weld and I’ve been having a
lot of fun at it but I don’t have access
to all your fancy equipment yeah we
can’t go to the welding store here and
buy things like that they either don’t
have them or they’re really really
expensive can you recommend a way to cut
three millimeter plate that’s eight inch
steel or aluminum without having like a
plasma cutter or oxygen acetylene or
something like that okay I can do that
here let me show you so he said he a
little picture of his little off of his
cell phone his picture of his workbench
and I saw hey he’s got a little four and
a half inch grinder sitting there so
here’s one option this is a cutting
wheel as opposed to a grinding wheel
just like they use on the chop saws this
guy up here
so here’s it’s just a little abrasive
cutting wheel little 4 inch 4 inch it’ll
fit on the 4 and a half or for each
grinder they also come in 7 inch that
will not only fit on the bigger grinders
but hey it also fits on a skill saw go
find an old skill saw someplace because
all the sparks and all the abrasive dust
from this are going to screw it up
fairly soon it won’t last very long but
this gives you a nice big foot to work
on it gives you something steady that
you can cut with hey now we can make
long straight cuts on a piece of plate
and these things are fairly cheap sure
pick up one of these like a pawn shop or
you know a hardware store or something
like that fairly cheap something else to
think about they even come in 10-inch
they come bigger than that for the
bigger chop saws but 10-inch cut-off
wheels not only do they fit on a chop
saw but they’ll fit on a table saw hey
let’s walk over there and I’ll show you
that come here so this is my table saw
it’s a 10-inch blade just like the 10
age cutoff wheels half same size Arbor
fits right on so now I’ve got a nice big
flat surface I can slide my metal across
the cut I’ve got a fence that I can
adjust so I can get right up against the
fence and make two parallel cuts just
like with a piece of wood and I can keep
even come in with this fence and put
smaller pieces in here where I can clamp
them hold them whatever if I want to do
an angle or something you like to make a
box joint or anything it’s all
adjustable right there you can do it all
with this the only problem with this is
the sparks go up because the blade is
turning towards you but again you know
watch out for you because of the
abrasive blade so you’ll go find you an
old junker someplace so you know
something you can pick up for ten twenty
ten fifteen twenty bucks there won’t
last very long you know you might get a
year out of it two years maybe but it
beats the heck out of doing it with a
handsaw you know doing it with a hacksaw
come here let me show you something else
so there’s a couple different options
for you here’s another one cut off
blades for your saws off nice big wide
blade no flex this way in the blade not
like a like a jigsaw which is made to
cut curves this is more like a resaw
blade nice and wide so it stays nice and
firm and straight get a short blade not
a great big long one and you can just
put it right in you can hang on to it
you can put it into your cutout or your
and then just use it like a big
like a big jigsaw you know and you can
just cut along with it that way if you
got a nice line that you can cut you got
a nice foot to help keep things straight
you can also get a guide this has got
magnets in it and it’s adjustable and
the great thing with this is all you
need to buy or these you can pick up
this straightedge just about anywhere
and if you get two of the straight edges
and I just add another one and another
one and another one and another one and
you can make it as long as you need it
did you just pick up these you pick up
pick up the magnets these are from
flange wizard flange wizard tools that’s
where I found these and I found them
over on pipefitter calm that down you
know you got to dig down a little bit
but you can find them in there very
handy little tool
it sets up off the metal so you got room
to work down in here you’re not right up
against the edge or something nice
little thing that gives you a few
options well I hope one of those will
work for you write me back let me know
see you next time

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