Home Metal-Shop Tips 101: 6 Easy Ways How To Cut Metal

oh hey there are you doing
welcome back call me out here in the
shop cutting up some metal got some old
uniform somebody was going out I hate
see anything go to waste you know so
I’ll take time to cut this up and we can
use it later on
something you know this is probably a
good time to talk about ways that you
can cut metal in your home shop so let’s
take a few minutes right now to look at
the different ways you can cut metal and
your home metal shop now when it comes
to cutting metal in your home shop
dollar for dollar one the most versatile
cost-effective tools you can get is an
angle grinder what I’ve got here is a
four and a half inch Dewalt
angle grinder for cutting metal you’re
going to want to use one of these
cutting disks they’re basically a very
thin version of a grinding wheel
let’s take a look at some of the ways
you can use it
well the angle grinder is a great tool
on but so is this
an abrasive cut-off saw let’s take a
closer look we have here is a Ryobi 14
inch cut-off saw you’ve got a cut-off
wheel 14 inch wheel it’s a bigger
version of this wheel 14 inches you’ve
got a platform to insert your metal you
know one of the nice things about saw
like this is if you’ve got a lot of
stock to cut and you’re not really
concerned about a real clean cut maybe
if you’re doing concrete work something
like that was rebar you put a whole
bunch in here at once and just going to
cut the ends off of these to get a nice
clean cut so yeah that down get some
tension on it and proceed
you know another nice thing about the
bracelet cut-off saw is it allows you to
start getting some uniform angles here
something else that’s pretty cool about
the abrasive cut-off saw you can cut
compound miters
well let’s face it cutting with an
abrasive cutoff saara cut off disk on
your angle grinder is great but you know
it’s not very precise if you want to get
into cutting a lot of cuts over and over
let’s face it we got to find something
else that’s when you’re going to need
one of these it’s a four and a half inch
metal cutting bandsaw here I’ll show you
how it works with a metal cutting
bandsaw you’re going to have the ability
to perform precision cuts over and over
so you can and just look how easy it is
to do compound miter cut
all right so maybe you’re not cutting
rebar or tubing and you’ve got something
a little lighter so maybe you’ve got
some some sheet metal that you’re
cutting you know you can always use a
pair of tin snips what we’ve got here is
an 18 gauge Milwaukee sheet metal shear
here I’ll show you how it works
so now you pretty much have to come in
here and cut him the old-fashioned way
so we talked about the angle grinder the
abrasive cut-off saw metal Clank bandsaw
tin snips and electric shears but
there’s one more thing you may want to
have in your home shop if you plan on
cutting metal don’t forget about your
cutting torch maybe a bit old school but
it sure gets the job done
here I’ll show you how it works what we
have here is an oxy-acetylene cutting
torch if you’re cutting anything quarter
inch or larger you’re probably going to
want to have one of these around here
I’ll show you how it works
we want to tune that in well that about
covers it
remember if you’re cutting anything in
your home shop I don’t care if it’s
metal wood plastic you name it be sure
to wear your safety goggles thanks for

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