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the first fabric we’re going to discuss
today is cotton
it’s a 100 natural fiber and it comes
from the cotton plant
it’s also one of the most common fabrics
that’s used in the fashion industry
cotton fabric is also an all-purpose and
easy to use
they’re soft breathable meaning that air
can move
uh through them and the moisture can
evaporate it’s easy to clean and
it’s washable it’s good for absorbing
moisture and it’s definitely very
versatile it’s suitable for
children people with sensitive skin and
on the other hand some of the cons of
cotton would be that the dye doesn’t
hold up very well and it can fade over
it can also bleed while being washed and
it tends to wrinkle a lot
it also can shrink in hot water
especially first time when using it
cotton is such a versatile fabric that
the application just has no boundaries
it can be used for blouses dresses
for kids and infant wear as well as the
most common use of
cotton is for the production of various
other textile products
the proposed seam for the cotton fabric
is a five thread overlock or safety
next we’re going to move on to linen a
linen is made from
at the flax plant and it is 100 percent
natural fiber it’s environmentally
friendly to grow it also
requires very less irrigation and little
energy to process
the fabric itself can be really
expensive and it’s
it’s really washable when you compare it
with cotton it’s quite resistant to
stain meaning that they can be washed
out at a lower temperature
uh compared to cotton some of the
properties of linen are that it’s medium
weight high strength water absorbent and
very washable like we mentioned before
it’s also a very luxurious feeling
the only negative side to this fabric is
that it’s
it is very expensive linen is commonly
used for
shirts and home furnishing the proposed
seams for this fabric is a five thread
overlock or safety switch
moving on we have denim denim is one of
the world’s most iconic fabric
which the moment you say word denim
everybody around you knows what you’re
talking about
um denim fabric has been around since
the 1950s and it hasn’t
gone out of style since then it’s mainly
made out of 100 cotton yarn
some of the properties of denim is that
it’s a light to heavy weight
um it’s breathable it’s durable and it’s
water absorbent
some of the only disadvantages of a
denim fabric is that it’s warm and
insulating which
is always not a bad thing and it
stretches out over time
it’s also a bit more harder to decorate
and sue
applications of denim so lightweight
denim is mainly used for making light
jackets or shirt
whereas medium to large weight denim is
used for making
jeans shorts dresses caps children
as well as heavy duty jackets the
proposed seam for denim is a five thread
overlock or safety switch
or you could use a flat felt seam for it
moving on we have polyester polyester
might look simple but it’s actually
somewhat of a chemistry project
pliers is made out of synthetic fibers
are made from chemical reaction
involving air water and petroleum
this combination produces an artificial
fiber that becomes
amazingly polyester the advantages of
polyester is that it’s flexible
quick drying durable comfortable
as well as it’s low cost material some
of the disadvantages of polyester can be
that it sticks to sweaty skin
is sensitive to high temperature it’s
not a very breathable
fabric like cotton and it’s usually not
regardless of that it’s commonly used in
active wear and sports fare
dresses and blouses the purpose seam
for polyester would be a five thread
overlook or a safety switch
let’s talk about rayon rayon is
manufactured fiber made from
natural sources such as wood and
architectural products
that are regenerated as cellulose fiber
there are many types and grades of rayon
can imitate the feel and texture of
natural fibers
such as silk wool cotton and linen
the positives are that it’s inexpensive
it’s known for its silk like feel drapes
beautifully it’s breathable
very similar to cotton in that regard
and it’s ideal for seeking
a luxurious look and feel at a more
economic price
it also blends well with other fabrics
woven ones it dies easily and produces a
beautiful and vivid color
the disadvantages of using this product
is that it’s prone to stretching and
bagging and often doesn’t recover
the fabric is also weak and even weaker
when it’s wet it’s also not recommended
for home furnishing due to its stretch
factor that we mentioned before
regardless rayon is made regardless
rayon is uses for blouses dresses skirts
shirts and sarees the purpose seam for
rayon is a
single needle a lock stitch attaching
and three thread overlock
chiffon is a fabric originally made from
but in today’s day and time it’s blended
with polyester to make
it at a lower cost the characteristics
of chiffon is that its shared
feels rough it stretches it’s strong and
it’s shimmery
the advantages of using chiffon is that
it’s a very lightweight fabric
it’s highly breathable it’s got a sheer
and it drapes really well and that’s one
of the reasons why it’s mainly used in
blouses dresses and even skirts
the disadvantages of this fabric is that
it’s low in strength
and that it can easily fray the proposed
seams for chipon is that french seam to
avoid fraying
or a single needle lock stitch and
a three thread overlock let’s move on to
georgette georgit is a lightweight
fabric and originally made from
silk today it’s blended with polyester
and rayon to make it cost effective
if you’re wondering what’s the
difference between chiffon and georgette
chiffon is a very thinner and sheer
product which drapes easily whereas
is a thicker ply resulting in a heavier
fabric although it’s still sheer
georgette is used in blouses dresses
skirts celery and garment accessory
the proposed seam for georgette is a
single needle
lock stitch attachment and a three
thread overlook
next we have the chevrolet fabric one of
the fabrics which have been
in trend for twenty twenty the chevrolet
fabric is a design made from
multi-needle sheffley machine
mostly using a greg fabric with 100
cotton thread
bleach then dyed or it’s printed on it
the properties of cheflie is that it’s a
medium weight high breathability water
and is also cool in the summer the
recent applications of chefly fabric
that we have seen around
2020 are that it’s made into dresses
skirts as well as kids wear the proposed
seams for sheffley fabric
is a five thread overlock or safety
last but not the least let’s talk about
satin satin refers to weave of fabric
rather than the material itself
it’s typically has a glossy surface and
a dull back the pros are that it’s a
very versatile fabric
the fabric feels really soft silky to
the skin
which which is why it makes such a
popular choice for bed sheets and
satins made from pure silk which is 100
the cons of satin are that it’s
difficult to sew within as it’s glossy
and can’t slip around
in a sewing machine it requires special
treatment and cannot be just thrown into
the washing machine
it’s not shiny on both sides there is a
glossy side and a dull side
which also limits the design of using
the fabric
the actual strength of the fabric is low
and yarn distortion is easy
the proposed seam for satin is a single
needle lock stitch
and three thread overlock thank you

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