Driving a boat for the first time. How to drive a boat!

hi i’m wayne the boat guy and in this
video i’m going to talk to you about
driving a boat for the very first time
if you’re looking for tips on how to
start up your boat when you’re first
driving i do have a video about that
and i have other videos with regards to
tying up a boat
and all those kinds of things in this
video i am not covering
all the aspects of driving a boat i’m
just talking about some of the dynamics
to consider
before you go to drive your boat for the
first time
when i got my first boat a couple years
ago i had never driven a boat before
i’ve driven a car for many many years
and i’ve actually been a commercial
driver for almost 10 years
so i have a lot of experience driving
motor vehicles on the road but i’ve
never driven a boat before i didn’t fool
myself in thinking it was going to be
or exactly the same as driving a car
however there were certain aspects of it
that i really never grasped
when i first started operating my boat
and one of those aspects
is the fact that when you drive a boat
there are no breaks so literally every
time you’re going somewhere
you’re either going under power or the
current or your momentum is pushing you
or you’re having to forcefully put the
boat in reverse
to be able to go backwards there’s no
way to actually
stop the boat and have it stay stopped
there are people who will say oh i can
stop my boat on a dime
yes you can stop your forward momentum
pretty quickly
but you’re still moving there’s still
tides there’s currents there’s wind
and a boat does not stay completely
unless it is anchored to the ground and
even when a boat is anchored to the
the wind can actually still push the
boat around unless there are multiple
holding it in place matter of fact as
we’re sitting here tied up at the marina
you’ll see that the background changes
just a little bit because
even though i’m even tied off at the
marina and there is literally no wind
this morning
my boat is wiggling around just a little
bit in here
i was trying to think of some good
analogies that could compare
for driving a boat for driving a car
like for example if you were driving on
and you had no brakes but driving a boat
is not like that at all
because when you’re driving on ice with
no brakes you can just drive very very
a boat is always moving around the
the wind and the momentum are always
making the boat move when you’re
operating your boat in a straight line
out on the water
as you’re going along with your engine
perfectly straight your compass setting
perfectly set
as you hold that course you will start
to veer
off of that course and that’s because of
the currents will be pushing you one
way or the other uh sometimes it’s the
wind sometimes it’s both
and so what happens is with a boat is it
does not stay locked on like with a
on a road you can hold your wheel
and if that road is straight your car
will go in a straight line
in a boat it doesn’t do that you’re
always having to compensate and correct
a little bit to stay on course
at very slow speeds like when you’re
docking at the marina
there are similar challenges because
since you have no brakes
a lot of times you have to get the boat
going forward and then
slow the boat down and sometimes the
only way to slow the boat down is by
shifting it in reverse having your
engines in reverse for a little bit
you’ll still be going forward while your
engines are in reverse
and then eventually it will stop and
then start heading backwards
i was at a restaurant a few weeks ago
i was watching another boat coming in
and they ended up coming in
way too fast and so whenever they came
in they were coming in nice and straight
into the spot
but by the time they went to shift it
into reverse to
slow their boat down it had too much
forward momentum and it just kept on
and ran right into the bulkhead in front
of the boat
luckily they didn’t do any damage to the
boat and
nobody on the boat got hurt but they hit
that bulkhead pretty hard
and it was because they were unaware of
the amount of forward momentum they had
and the fact that when you put it in
it doesn’t engage right away and
immediately start going backwards it
takes a while for the water to
kind of start switching direction
underneath your boat
on a single screw boat like most
outboards which just have one engine on
them or in boards with just one engine
the churning and the turning of the
actually pulls the boat to one side
and so as i’m leaving my marina a lot of
times as i’m backing up and i go to put
it in ford
my boat will always pull to the right
it’ll pull off to the starboard side
always because of the way that my
propeller is and as it starts spinning
it just pulls my boat that way i can’t
have my boat stopped
put it in gear to go forward and have it
actually go in a straight line
when i’m at the marina because it will
always veer a little bit over to
the right to the starboard side as it’s
going forward and then it’ll
straighten itself out there can be a
pretty steep
learning curve to some of the nuances of
that and that’s why
docking pulling into a marina and those
kinds of things are the biggest
challenges for boaters
because one of the other interesting
dynamics of boating is that
once you’re out of your marina or away
from the dock or the pier
you’re kind of on an open road with no
stop signs or speed limits
well there’s some speed limits in
certain areas but once you get out of
those areas
you’re on the open water you can
go as fast as you want you don’t have to
stop and you only have to basically just
maneuver to turn around any of the other
boats that are out there
so that aspect of it is very
exhilarating and that’s
one of the reasons why a lot of people
get into boating is being able to just
go fast and just go wherever you want to
in whatever direction you want
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so if you’ve never been in a boat before
and you’re taking it out for the first
be cognizant of the fact that you’re on
the water and you have no breaks
and that out there in the river in the
bay in the middle of the lake
operating your boat is quite easy you
you turn and you
feel the boat steer and you
curve around and all those beautiful
things where you’re making a nice wake
and stuff like that and that’s
loads of fun it’s just in the tight
where it can be a lot more challenging
for a new boater
because of the nuances of how a boat
and the fact that you’re in water
and there’s always some movement
somewhere if the tide is heading out
and the wind is blowing when i go to
come into my marina
sometimes it’s much more difficult to
come in straight

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