guys a little taste of what it’s like to get a haircut by some of the most
talented in the world this is the Daniel Alfonzo men’s salon my name is Daniel
Alfonso I’ve been cutting hair for 21 years and find me trying to live the
American dream
well oh my god I mean it’s a long story you know I was it all started off in my
garage you know a long time ago one of my friends asked me you know can you cut
my hair and I was like I I’ll end up cutting your hair and I ended up cutting
it and I was like this is kind of awesome man I get to cut my friends hair
and they get to pay me I just fell into the passion
well I mean back then I kind of like trained myself I just ended up knowing
what looks good but at the same time you know after cutting hair for quite a
while without training I ended up wanting to take it serious and went to
school for it what would I love about you know cutting men’s hair is you know
I love making people look good you know what I mean and it just feels good to me
to help people look good it’s a good feeling
I put passion into every haircut you know what I mean I think that whoever
does whatever job you should do it at a hundred percent whenever I do a haircut
I put my all into it because my business card is on your head when you’re walking
around it’s my duty for you to get that compliment and people go up to you and
say Joe I love your hair who cut it you know a compliment to you is a compliment
to me you’re my walking billboard you know
I mean there was a lot of pride into the salon and a lot of passion sometimes I
walk into the salon and I’m like wow like I own this salon it’s it’s just I’m
just thankful for it and you know I respect it and everyone in the salon
like loves this place because the energy and stuff like that there are
personalities that they just love doing what they do they come in here with a
positive attitude and the thing is it’s like we’re so easy to work with because
you know we just love doing what we do and we just keep it a positive
environment and everyone everyone’s just happy and we just all love doing what we
doing we get along like you know peas and carrots
these chairs are literally 200 years old and you know to get these chairs there’s
this guy he’s like a barber chair mechanic and when I first saw this chair
right here that steward years old I went up to him his name is Jesse and I went
up to him I was like can I get five of these and he’s like aha man there’s
there’s the boy you can get five of these chairs that’s like asking to get
five old-school Mustangs you know II just can’t everyone every one of them
doesn’t be different just everything had to be perfect you know what I mean it
was late nights of Pinterest you know just going going on Pinterest and just
trying to find inspiration you know I’ve always wanted to go against the grain
with every salon you know what I mean like people always said you know you
know salons should always be bright and I was like oh my gosh you know I want to
have a hall plaque salon so we hadn’t put just a lot of lighting the thing is
it’s like it’s dark in here but it’s still bright you don’t even so I just
want to go against the grains you know put you from years and chains on it you
know I put a TV and along with a bar you know because it’s
all about the ultimate experience
we got this American buffalo head actually that American buffalo head was
the first thing that we bought before we look at this salon it was weird because
we bought that American Buffalo head and I put that in my Jeep and I’m like
literally driving with these horns out you know there’s like wind blowing and
his beards like you know blowing in the wind and stuff but that was like pretty
much the pinnacle of opening up this long
well I mean it was definitely a team effort
we got a I couldn’t do it without Christina Williams over here my
girlfriend and you know that I couldn’t do without her and the thing is is we
both made this happen together you know or the artistic she’s more of the you
know numbers
what’s up dude how you been man no perfect timing dude yeah just make
yourself at home man all right it is could we see him in the background

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